Value Added Services

The York County Department of Fire and Life Safety understands the importance of providing services in addition to those that everyone associates with the fire, rescue, and EMS services provided to our community. We strive to offer additional services that provide valuable information and interaction between our members and the citizens, businesses, and visitors that we serve. We have chosen to refer to these services and programs as Value Added Services.
  1. Victim & Family Assistance
  2. After the Fire Assistance
  3. Neighbors Helping Neighbors
  4. Blood Pressure Monitoring
  5. Medical Information Card
  6. Fire Station Tours
  7. Equipment Visits
  8. Fire Extinguisher Training
  9. PALS Program
  10. CARE Program
  11. Youth Firesetter Education
  12. Risk Watch
  13. File of Life
  14. NEIDS Program
  15. Fire Station Community Liaison
  16. Tools to Prevent Tragedies
Provides information and support services to victims and/or family members after or during emergency medical care; includes care of victim and family through a serious emergency event; includes resource booklet to assist citizens.