Project 55


In 1955, the very first fire pumper to serve the citizens of York County was purchased through funds from a 10-cent fire levy and proceeds from the raffle of a 1954 Dodge automobile. The fire pumper, a 1955 Dodge with a Howe fire truck body, is still much the same as it was when it was delivered new to York County In order to preserve this important piece of the history and heritage of the York County Department of Fire and Life Safety, the department has returned the 1955 Dodge Howe fire pumper to its original condition to once again serve the citizens, businesses and visitors of York County as an educational tool and an apparatus for civic parades and ceremonial use. The process of returning this piece of history into a functional and educational tool was dubbed, Project 55.

To preserve a piece of departmental history that can be used for public education and interest about the department's heritage. To establish a focal point to attract public interest to the department and its important fire, accident and injury prevention, and emergency preparedness messages. To create a vehicle for use by the department for civic parades and by the department's honor guard for ceremonial purposes. To develop and foster pride in the department's rich history.


Project 55 was restored through the combined efforts of many current and retired department members, community organizations, citizens, and businesses, including:
  • Bill Baker Custom Interiors
  • Cousins Towing and Recovery
  • Coxton's Gold Team Collision Repair
  • Danny's Auto Glass and Mirror
  • Grafton Garage
  • Kevin Sadler
  • Mr. Jerry Karwac
  • Mr. and Mrs. Dick and Elaine Tarr
  • Philbates Auto Wrecking
  • Steve's Radiator Service
  • Virginia Peninsula Car Club Council
Without whom this project could not have been completed as thoroughly and professionally as it was. The Department of Fire and Life Safety wishes to express it's gratitude to everyone involved, thank you.