Volunteers are an essential part of York County's response in any emergency/disaster. Amateur radio operators, the American Red Cross, Civil Air Patrol, Medical Reserve Corps units, and Citizen Emergency Response Teams are a few examples of organizations that rely on volunteers and have important emergency response functions.

Planning and training are the keys to making effective use of volunteers during disasters. In order to volunteer during an emergency or disaster, you should join one of the various area volunteer organizations.

 Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in volunteering to help out during a future disaster, the time to join an organization is now! Learn about some of York County's and York County's partner organization volunteer programs. We encourage all volunteers to first make sure they are prepared. With their personal preparedness level high they will be able to support their communities in a time of need.

As we experience storms like Hurricane Sandy it is highly likely many of us will lose electricity, despite best efforts to prepare. Remember 2011 and all the things you wish you had done in advance. If/when shelters open up across the region we will post opportunities here for you to volunteer in your community. Remember, the best way to help local officials during a disaster is to prepare yourself, your family, and your neighborhood.