Community Education Programs

As a division within the York County (VA) Department of Fire and Life Safety, the mission of the Prevention and Community Safety Division is to minimize pain, suffering, and loss through public education, life safety engineering, code enforcement, as well as fire investigations. Our collective goal is to do all we can to preserve life, property, and our environment. To meet this goal, our Fire and Life Safety (FLS) Public Educator and other FLS personnel provide educational opportunities to the community in various areas. If you have questions, or if we can serve you in any of the following capacities, please contact the Department of Fire and Life Safety at (757) 890-3600 (M-F between 8:15 am and 5:00 pm), fill out our Public Education Request Form, or send an email to

Public Education Request Form

Pre K- Grade 11: 

The FLS Public Educator presents or provides fire safety education to children in County preschools, daycare centers, Head Start programs, and various grade levels in the York County School Division. We teach positive, practical fire safety messages to children. We teach students about the dangers of fire and burn injuries, practical choices for preventing fires, and what to do in the event of a fire. Along with other safety topics, we teach the importance of prevention, having working smoke alarms, creating Home Escape Plans, and practicing Exit Drills in the home. In addition, we provide resources to the students and their families.

Grade 12: 

In the spring, the department presents or provides a fire education program called “Tools to Prevent Tragedies” in all YCSD high schools for graduating seniors and their parents/caregivers. This program aims to increase awareness of fire dangers on college campuses and young adult residential areas and provide helpful resources to potential college and workforce students and their families.

Senior Safety Program:

In this program, our FLS Public Educator, or other Fire and Life Safety personnel, speak to groups of senior adults about various topics of life safety. The program increases education and awareness in the areas of home hazards and basic home safety, fall prevention, fire and cooking safety, and medication safety. This takes place year-round at the request of senior programs and senior living communities.

Fire Station Tours, Safe House, and Apparatus Displays: 

York County has six strategically located fire stations, a fire prevention education mobile trailer known as the “Safe House,” and state-of-the-art fire/rescue/EMS apparatus and equipment. We are happy to educate our citizens and provide tours and displays. Department personnel will teach a variety of age-appropriate fire safety topics at all events. It is important to remember that our firefighters are always on duty and may need to leave if an emergency call occurs. Please contact the department at (757) 890-3600 (M-F between 8:15 am and 5:00 pm) to schedule a display or tour of your local station.

Smoke Alarm Program: 

The department sets up smoke alarm installations and battery replacements for citizens in the community who are unable to perform these tasks safely. We also provide smoke alarms to those who cannot afford to purchase them on their own.

Child Safety Seat Education Program: 

The FLS Public Educator sets up car seat education, installations, and car seat safety checks with certified safety seat technicians. This program is designed to increase awareness and education for parents and caregivers and help ensure the safety our littlest citizens.

Home Safety Surveys:  

York County residents can request a Home Safety Survey, if they have concerns about potential hazards in the home. You can contact the Department of Fire and Life Safety at (757) 890-3600 (M-F between 8:15 am and 5:00 pm) to schedule an appointment for our personnel to visit your home. They will assist you in a walk-through of your home and help you look for potential hazards. They will make suggestions to help you improve your home for fire and overall life safety. You may also use this Home Safety Checklist from the NFPA to help you check your home for hazards.

Safety in the Workplace Program:  

This is a program for business owners and their staff. It is provided by the staff of the Prevention and Community Safety Division. It includes education and information on workplace hazards, fire extinguisher training, and any additional safety information the employer wishes to incorporate.

Fire Extinguisher Training Program: 

This program is provided by the department, and it delivers classroom instruction and hands-on training with a digital fire extinguisher. This is available for staff in residential facilities, businesses, and county offices. Participants will learn when it is appropriate to use a fire extinguisher and the steps for how to use one properly. An electronic training lesson will precede the classroom and hands-on session. 

Youth Fire Education Program: 

This program is specifically designed for children ages 4-17 who have exhibited an interest in fire-related behaviors. It is designed to educate parents and children about fire safety and the consequences of the misuse of fire. Youth involved in fire-related incidents and the caregivers will work with the FLS Public Educator for 3-8 learning sessions, as needed.