Traffic does not stop at the county or city line, and neither do most of our roads, bus routes, railroads, bikeways, or sidewalks. Transportation is a particularly regional concern that calls for a regional approach. This is nothing new to the localities of the Historic Triangle, which have a long history of working inc lose cooperation with one another to develop plans and policies to promote the safe and efficient movement of people and goods throughout the area. Much of this work is done through the localities' active participation in the Hampton Roads Transportation Planning Organization (HRTPO) and its various committees, of which James City County, Williamsburg, and York County are members. The HRTPO is the intergovernmental transportation planning agency for the Hampton Roads region.

The three localities are also partners in the Williamsburg Area Transport system - a multi-jurisdictional bus system serving residents, visitors, and businesses in the greater Williamsburg area with routes stretching from Toano in northern James City County to Water Country USA in York County. In addition, the three localities participated in the development of a Transit Vision Plan for Hampton Roads, which sets forth short- and long-term recommendations for improved transit service in the region. Recommendations for the Historic Triangle include commuter and/or higher speed rail along the CSX corridor between Newport News and the Lightfoot area as well as express bus service linking the lower Peninsula with the Williamsburg area and along Route 17 from Oyster Point through Yorktown and to the Middle Peninsula.

Bicycle facility planning is another joint effort, which dates back to 1993 and the adoption of a Williamsburg - James City County - York County Regional Bikeway Plan coupled with the formation of the Historic Triangle Bicycle Advisory Committee (HTBAC), which is responsible for recommending bikeway projects for implementation; recommending amendments to the bikeway plan; and developing and implementing promotional, informational, and safety initiatives related to bicycling.

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