Wetlands Board


Protects public and private property, wildlife, marine fisheries, and the natural environment by preservation of County tidal wetlands through issuance of wetlands permits, and promotes the proper use and protection of the sensitive and unique lands which contribute to the economy of the region and the environmental quality of the County and especially the Chesapeake Bay.  
Enforces the York County Wetlands Ordinance.  (night meetings; day inspections)
CHAIRMAN:  Eric Ancarrow


Name Position Address Phone Number
District Term Expiration
Jan Allen Member 404 Tabb Lakes Drive
Yorktown, VA 23693
310-6148 District 2 June 30, 2026
Eric Ancarrow Chairman 112 Creek Circle
Seaford, VA 23696
810-6152 District 3 June 30, 2028
Jeff Frye Vice Chairman 109 Westminster Place Williamsburg, VA 23188 291-5410 District 1 June 30, 2027
Joseph Pack Alternate 106 Buckingham Drive
Yorktown, VA 23692
June 30, 2024
Timothy L. Smith Member 810 Railway Road
Yorktown, VA 23692
898-5062 District 4 June 30, 2024
Noel J. West Member 201 Pamlico Run
Yorktown, VA 23693
867-7866 District 5 June 30, 2024
Rebecca K. Yasky Alternate 220 Mastin Avenue
Seaford, VA 23696
234-0300   June 30, 2024


​​The Wetlands Board is charged with issuing permits for the use and development of tidal wetlands while balancing the needs of the property owners with the protection of wetlands. The Wetlands Board's jurisdiction is the area between the Mean Low Water line and 1 1/2 times the tidal range. This generally means from mudflats to the salt bush line. Virginia is a "no net loss of wetlands" State. The Wetlands Board's goal is to avoid and minimize impacts to wetlands and to encourage the use of living shorelines to prevent erosion and accommodate sea level rise. Riprap revetments, bulkheads, dredging, marsh toe sills, commercial piers and other shoreline construction activities require a wetlands permit. Private piers and boathouses are statutorily permitted wetlands activities and do not require a permit from the Wetlands Board. A Joint Permit Application (JPA) (PDF) is submitted to the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC). The VMRC then forwards the application to the responsible jurisdictions (appropriate county, Army Corps of Engineers, etc.). A fee is required if it is determined that the application needs to go before the Wetlands Board. Prior to an application being heard by the Board at a public hearing, adjacent property owners are notified, and the public hearing is advertised in the local paper for one day each week for two weeks prior to the public hearing. The hearing is open to the public, and citizens and adjacent property owners are allowed to address the Board with their concerns during the public hearing. If an application is approved by the Board, there is a 10-day appeal period for any interested parties. In addition view the Shoreline Water Quality Impact Assessment (PDF).

Our Work

Please enjoy our award-winning video, Partners in Protecting Our Wetlands, which serves as a great learning tool providing valuable information on the steps that can be taken to protect our wetlands and waterways. 

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