Adult Sports

York County Parks and Recreation offers a variety of adult sports for various skill levels in the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Adult Basketball - Coming Soon!

Adult Pickleball

BEGINNER - Join us for a 2-week Adult Beginner Pickleball Lessons designed for players ranked 0 to 2.5 in their skill level. Our beginner lessons are perfect for anyone new to Pickleball or still getting the basic skills down. Participants will learn and work on their physical movements across the court. Additionally, participants will develop skill sets focusing on Serves, Returns, and Scoring.

INTERMEDIATE - Join us for a 4-week Adult Intermediate Pickleball Lesson designed for players ranked 2.5 to 3.5 in their skill level. Those who have mastered the basic skills of Pickleball, and are ready to improve their fundamental skills, should consider our more challenging lessons. The Intermediate lessons will take the basic skills you know and push you to be a more competitive player. Those who take this lesson will work on the following skill sets: Third shot drops, Dinking, Pacing the game, and Basic Strategies.

Adult Softball COED

Adult Tennis

Adult tennis lessons are offered at Back Creek Park. Players ranging in all abilities are invited to join in on the fun. Classes meet 1 night a week consecutively for 4 weeks, weather permitting. 

Classes range from Beginner with no experience, learning terms, rules, and tennis strokes; Intermediate with some experience, the focus is on movements, tennis strokes, regulations, and scoring; and Advanced class, which is for those experienced in playing in leagues and tournaments. The focus will be on fine-tuning the game and learning strategy.

BEGINNER -  No experience; learn terms, rules, and tennis strokes
INTERMEDIATE - Some experience focuses on movements, tennis strokes, regulations, and scoring.