Business Growth Grant

To help you with general business needs, this grant offers up to $2,500 of matching funds for a one-time expense.


To help our small businesses purchase goods and services necessary for meaningful growth.


One-time expenses for the purchase of items such as equipment or tools, professional services, computer hardware/software or digital advertising.


  • Must have current York County Business License at time of grant application (and must have been active for at least one year prior to applying for grant). License must remain paid and active until one year after the date grant funds are received.
  • Work cannot have started before application approved.
  • Business cannot be in default or non-compliance with any county programs, ordinances, or taxes.
  • Must sign up for our e-news, which provides business resource information including educational opportunities.
  • Must complete approved projects within 1 year of grant approval.
  • Must be small, locally owned business—generally employ no more than 25 full-time employees and cannot be a national chain.


  • Recurring expenses do not qualify (e.g. utility bills, rent/mortgage payments, salaries, late fees, taxes, license fees, membership dues).
  • Funds may not be used for: Alcohol, tobacco, medicine, or similar substances; Past due bills or past expenses
  • Receipts must be paid in full by applicant and presented to York County showing a date after the grant approval date to be eligible for 50% reimbursement.
  • Home-based businesses may apply, but must clearly show that the expenses are business related, not residential in nature.
  • Lifetime maximum grant of $2,500 per business.
  • Non-profit entities are not eligible.


Complete, sign and submit the grant application. Include all quotes, a copy of your current business license and signed W-9. You may submit via:

Receive our decision via email, along with an agreement to sign if approved. Begin the work once you return the signed agreement.

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