Streetlight Policy

Streetlights are required to be installed by developers in new developments; however, many older developments do not have streetlights. For existing developments or areas without streetlights, the County's streetlight policy governs.

Report a Streetlight Outage

To report a streetlight outage, call Dominion Energy Virginia at (866) 366-4357 or visit their website.

Residents should contact Dominion Energy directly if the outage is a public streetlight. For a neighborhood light on private property, residents must ask their Home Owners Association to contact Dominion Energy.   

If you are unsure about who to report a streetlight outage to, please contact Development Services at (757) 890-3531.  

Getting Streetlights Installed

If residents are interested in having streetlights installed in their neighborhood, they must call (757) 890-3531 for details. Streetlights can only be installed at certain locations (such as intersections) and the cost of installation plus 5 years of operating costs must be borne by the residents requesting such streetlights. All streetlight proposals shall be in accordance with the guidelines set forth in Administrative Directive 95-24 and Board Policy 94-09

Streetlight Capital Improvement Project: LED Conversion

Following in the footsteps of several other localities in Hampton Roads, beginning fiscal year 2021, the County, in partnership with Dominion Energy Virginia, has begun the process of converting existing public streetlights with high-pressure sodium and mercury vapor luminaries to LED fixtures. You can read more about this exciting project on the LED Street Lighting Project webpage..