Citizen Advisory Committee

Mission Statement

The Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) aims to build supportive relationships based on mutual respect, trust and transparency between the community and the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office. To this end the CAC seeks to empower the community through education that enhances a shared understanding with the community and the Sheriff's Office.

Citizen Advisory Committee Application

Committee Members

Chairperson:  Mr. D’Shawn Wright  
Secretary: Dr. Linda Hutchinson

Additional Members

  • Ms. Melanie O. Bond-Artis
  • Ms. Amy Brown
  • Mr. Robert Carpenter
  • Ms. Latonia Chavis
  • Ms. Shana Gist
  • Mr. David Gorwitz
  • Ms. Beth Hoer
  • Ms. Jennifer Joyner
  • Ms. Kristen Nelson
  • Dr. Eileen O’Brien
  • Ms. Krystyn Reid
  • Mr. Steven Roane
  • Ms. Annette Robinson
  • Ms. Tara Hassan Taylor