Groups and/or individuals are encouraged to play active and ongoing roles in beautifying, cleaning and maintaining York County’s public spaces, including creeks and storm drains.  Adopt-A-Spot activities might include removing litter, graffiti and/or weeds, maintaining a storm drain, and/or other forms of general upkeep.  In certain locations, special landscaping features such as grass, plants, and flowers may even be added if they meet with Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) and/or property owner specifications.  Similar to the popular “Adopt-A-Highway” program sponsored by VDOT, organizations and individuals receive public recognition of their work through the prominent display of a sign “on the spot”.

Adopt a Spot


1.    Any local community organization, business or individual (18 years or older) is allowed to Adopt-A-Spot.

2.    An organization, business or individual applying to Adopt-A-Spot commits to adopt their spot for a minimum of one year and agrees to conduct cleanups of their proposed location twice per year.  Other beautification elements such as the planting and maintenance of shrubbery or flowers may also be added, pending approval by the appropriate county agencies and/or property owners.

3.    In order to maintain accurate records, and to keep Adopt-A-Spot files active, participants are asked to complete and return activity reports after each cleanup.  If activity reports are not returned or groups do not keep the County liaison informed of cleanup activities, the County liaison will contact participants to confirm continued interest in the program and/or update file information.  The County reserves the right to delete files and remove signs if the aforementioned conditions are not met.

4.    Groups with participating members less than 15 years of age must be supervised by an adult.  Large groups should be divided into teams of eight or less members.

5.    Before each cleanup, group leaders must read and brief the attached SAFETY TIPS to all participants.

6.    Groups and/or individuals will notify the County liaison at least one week in advance of scheduled cleanups with the following information:    


7.    The County liaison will provide cleanup materials (bags and orange safety vests, etc.)  In addition, the County waives any fees that may be incurred for the disposal of garbage and/or recyclables at the York County Waste Management Center, provided the above listed information has been given at least one week prior to the cleanup.

8.    York County reserves the right to deny adoption requests for signs or other supportive program material for any reason whatsoever.