Boards & Commissions

Chesapeake Bay Board   

The mission of the Chesapeake Bay Board is to protect and improve the water quality of the  Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries by minimizing the impact of human activity on the waters within Chesapeake Bay Preservation Areas. 

Wetlands Board                

The Wetlands Board is charged with issuing permits for the use and development of tidal wetlands while balancing the needs of the property owners with the protection of wetlands.

Appointments to York County Boards and Commissions are made by the Board of Supervisors. Approximately 200 citizens are appointed to various boards, committees and commissions to assist in governing York County. Citizens who wish to be considered for an appointment can fill out the Board Bank Boards and Commissions Application or by contacting the York County Administration Office at 757-890-3320 for a copy.  View all Boards & Commissions.