Total Compensation Calculator


Click on the chart below to get started. It only takes a few seconds of your time!

1 ) Select the appropriate Virginia Retirement System Plan from the bottom tabs (Hybrid or Plan 1 and Plan 2).  The document will default to the Hybrid Plan.  You may need to select "View Full Screen" in order to view these tabs.

NOTE   All new hires fall under the Hybrid Plan, unless they are Public Safety Employees.

2 ) Enter the position title and annualized base salary in the drop down menus at the top of the page.

3 ) Select the correct benefit plan information in the top section as well.  

     ** Choose "Waive Medical" and/or "Waive Dental" to represent no coverage.

4 ) The tool will then calculate your personalized Total Compensation Statement.  

NOTE   This is a read-only document.  However, you may print a copy and also save a copy.

- You may also choose to print a pie chart - which shows single only coverage amounts (see tabs 2 and 4). 

- The pages of this document will only print in black and white.

   PRINT A COPY    Ctrl Key + "P" key                             SAVE A COPY      Ctrl Key + "S" key

The Total Annual Compensation amount is an estimate.


Please contact the Human Resources Office if you have any questions.