Where can I purchase a fire extinguisher and what type should I purchase?
Many fire extinguisher manufacturers have models listed for various household uses. Many of these fire extinguishers are advertised as "kitchen", "garage" or multipurpose use extinguishers. Look for extinguishers that carry the Underwriter’s Laboratories (UL) listing. Most commonly available home fire extinguishers are suitable for household use.

The extinguisher should have a rating in letters, such as "ABC" or "BC". The letters represent the type of fire that the extinguisher is intended to extinguish. "A" is for common household items such as wood or paper. "B" is for flammable liquids, such as oil. "C" is for electrical fires including many household appliances. These letters may be accompanied by numbers such as "2A; 10BC". The numbers represent the amount of fire that the device is intended to extinguish. Thus, the higher the number the more fire it may put out.

Most extinguishers advertised for household use are acceptable and are readily available. Fire extinguishers can typically be purchased at most hardware and/or home improvement retailers and other general merchandise stores and shopping warehouses.

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