Tax Relief for the Elderly & Disabled on Homes

York County offers a program to taxpayers who are age 65 or older or permanently disabled, which exempts, or partially exempts the tax on their real estate or mobile home.

If you own a mobile home, you may be entitled to an exemption on your mobile home tax if you meet the following criteria:

  1. 65 years of age or over or permanently disabled on December 31st of the previous year
  2. 1 owner incomes must be less than $52,400 ($42,400 if totally and permanently disabled) and 2 owner incomes must be less than $59,850 ($49,850 if 1 owner is permanently disabled and less than $79,850 if both owners are permanently disabled)
  3. Have less than $220,000 in total net worth (this excludes residence, furnishings and 10-acres of land)

Applications (PDF) for Tax Relief on Mobile Homes for the Elderly and Disabled must be filed with the Commissioner of the Revenue by April 1 annually. For questions, please call 757-890-3381.