Zilda Brazilian Spa

JULY 2022

Zilda Brazilian Spa makes it affordable to relax

York County spa celebrates 15 years in business

By Melissa James, York County Contributor


“In today’s high-stress society, we can all use a little relaxation and rejuvenation in our lives,” said Christina Moseley, owner of Zilda Brazilian Spa. “I’ve always strived to make our spa services affordable and accessible to everyone who needs them.” 

For the past 15 years, Moseley has offered high-quality, moderately priced massage, skin care and nail services to her clients in York County and beyond.

 “While some might consider spa services to be ‘luxury items,’ I know that they truly have the ability to heal people, in both a physical and emotional way,” she explained. “I am so honored to be able to help my clients feel better about themselves, and just feel better in general, no matter what their income level or budget.”

Moseley, who studied psychology in college and planned to be a family counselor, joked that all was not lost with her degree. Even though she now works with her hands and mostly helps her clients heal from physical pain and ailments, she still spends a great deal of time listening to them and building relationships and trust. 

“The relationships I’ve built with my clients and staff are the most important and fulfilling part of the business to me,” Moseley said. 

A majority of Moseley’s clients have been coming to her for more than 20 years, even before she opened her own business, when she was working for another local spa. Moseley knows them personally and is invested in their health, well-being and lives. She and her staff care deeply about their clients, many of whom have become close friends over the years.

“I am incredibly blessed to have team members who care just as much as I do about our clients,” Moseley said. “I am also fortunate that most of my staff have been with me for the long haul—over half of them have stuck with me for nearly 10 years.”


Like many others, the business suffered during the pandemic and still struggles with hiring new employees. But Moseley noted that her loyal customers and long-time workers have really gotten her through the hard times.

“Many of our clients literally work our services into their budgets and won’t miss a month, no matter what,” explained Moseley.

Moseley noted that the continued support she has received from York County has also helped sustain her business through rough spots. The three-year project to expand Route 17 in 2013 and the pandemic in 2020 could easily have been disastrous to her spa.

“The County has really gone above and beyond for our business when we have needed help,” Moseley said. “During the road expansion, the county waived sign permit fees and allowed us to put up temporary signage that enabled customers to find us during the construction. They also came through very quickly with relief and recovery funds after the recent pandemic hit.”

Despite some setbacks, the business has experienced growth and expansion several times over the past 15 years. What started out of desperation—when Moseley was unexpectedly laid off from her previous massage technician position—has now grown into one of the most successful spas in the County.

“I had lost my job, but knew I still had many loyal clients who needed my services,” Moseley said. “I had just bought a townhouse in York County and was driving home, when I noticed a for-rent sign in the window of a small brick building in Grafton. When I found out it was only $300 a month for a three-room office, I knew I could sustain that, and so I signed a lease immediately!”


After just one month in her new space, she already needed to expand. Moseley rented three more rooms, giving her the ability to hire staff and offer more services to her clients. A few years later, when the real estate firm in the adjacent rooms left, she again reached out to the owner and, this time, offered to purchase the entire building. Her offer was accepted, and Moseley expanded the business yet again, by adding a full-service hair salon. To what does Moseley credit this success?

“I believe in being intentional about the growth of my company,” Moseley said. “I have built it gradually over time, which is why I believe it is successful. I didn’t get in over my head.”

Moseley also gives credit to her husband, Jeremy, who helps with everything from maintenance to tech issues to emotional support, and to her mother, Rose-Zilda, for whom the business was named.

“The only thing I ever wanted to do was to help other people,” Moseley said. “I am proud to be able to do just that on a daily basis, and I’m so thankful to everyone who has supported and helped me along the way.”

Visit Zilda Brazilian Spa at 5215 George Washington Memorial Highway or online at zilda-massage.com

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