Business Assistance

Attract New Business to York County

In attracting new commercial enterprises to the County, the Department of Economic and Tourism Development (ETD):

  • Prepares customized proposals
  • Identifies unique real estate and business partnering opportunities
  • Furnishes information about local, state, and federal assistance
  • Helps businesses with workforce training and development needs

Retain York County Businesses

The majority of commercial growth comes from existing industry. ETD staff conducts industry visits, as well as biennial Business Retention Surveys, to help gauge the current business climate in the County. Among its many services to existing businesses, the ETD:

  • Assists with local, state, and federal permitting and regulatory requirements.
  • Offers grant and incentive award programs
  • Provides current demographic, consumer-spending, and traffic data
  • Helps with workforce training and development needs
  • Offers networking opportunities and educational workshops

Support an Entrepreneurial Environment

To build innovative new business development in York County, the ETD :

  • Partners with local businesses on education and training initiatives
  • Ensures that licensing/permitting procedures are business-friendly
  • Provides new business networking, grant, and scholarship opportunities
  • Recommends changes in legislation aimed at improving the business environment

Encourage Product Development

The ETD works with businesses and developers on infrastructure improvements to:

  • Create and expand commercial properties
  • Acquire and develop surplus or underutilized public properties
  • Procure property for future industrial/commercial development
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