E-Commerce Grant

What is it?

Having a positive, customer-focused online presence is an important part of running a successful business, and we’re here to help you achieve that. If you need to build a new business website or streamline and add online payments/ shopping to your existing site, this grant is for you!

We are offering matching grants on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply today.

The grants are for one-time work only. Annual Maintenance or recurring Service Fees (i.e. Internet Service Provider, Domain Name or Website Hosting Fees) are not eligible for grant funds.

As of April 7, 2020, expenses related to social media page creation and promotion, cybersecurity-related expenses, as well as search engine optimization of a website will be covered under this program.

How much is it?

Grants are 50% of total project costs, up to $500 per business. Minority and women owned businesses (SWAM Certification required) may receive a matching grant up to $1,000.

Who is eligible?

  • Your business must have a current York County Business License at the time of grant application and this license must remain paid and active until one year after the date grant funds are received. If you close and/or relocate your business out of York County within one year of receiving grant funds, you must repay 50% of the total grant awarded.
  • Your website must not contain illegal or adult material.
  • You must establish a new website and/or social media page where none previously existed for your business, OR your existing website and/or social media page or cybersecurity systems must be revamped or enhanced in tangible ways, for example, accept online payments, online shopping (catalog or cart), conduct a social media outreach or advertising campaign, increase security of transactions, etc.

How does it work?

Download and print the application. Include form W-9. APPLICATION MUST BE RECEIVED BEFORE THE WORK IS STARTED.

  1. Contact at least two website providers to get a minimum of two quotes for the work you want done.
  2. Complete, sign, and submit the grant application (including both quotes, a copy of your current business license, SWAM certificate if applicable, and indication of which provider you chose) via email, fax, mail, or in person (contact information below).
  3. We will notify you to acknowledge that we received your application.
  4. Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis by the York County Economic Development Authority.
  5. We will send you a letter or email to inform you of the decision. If approved, this letter or email is the authority for you to begin work.
  6. Website provider completes the project as quoted.
  7. You pay the website provider in full and submit paid receipts and/or copy of returned checks to the York County Economic & Tourism Development.
  8. We will verify completion of the project as quoted and provide your grant payment.

Where do I submit my application?

Email: EconDev@YorkCounty.gov
Mail: York County Economic & Tourism Development, P.O. Box 612, Yorktown, VA 23690
In person: York County Economic & Tourism Development, 121 Alexander Hamilton Blvd., Yorktown, VA 23690

The York County E-Commerce Grant Program is a partnership of the York County Economic Development Authority and Department of Economic & Tourism Development. The program was created to encourage e-commerce development of York County's private businesses.