14 Ways We Show Love to Your Business

By Melissa James, York County Contributor

14 Ways We Show Love to Your Business

How does York County love you? Let us count the ways! In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re highlighting 14 ways the Department of Economic and Tourism Development (ETD) shows love to local businesses—from no-cost programs and services to grant money. Learn more about these fabulous freebies your business might be missing out on!

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  1. #1: Expansion Expenses
  2. #2 Grand Openings & Ribbon Cuttings
  3. #3: Sharing Your Good News
  4. #4: Websites That Work

Could your business use a little help to get to that next level?

14 Ways We Show Love to Your BusinessPerhaps a new tool or piece of equipment would allow you to take on more clients, or a new work vehicle might help you serve additional areas? York County’s Business Growth Grant is here to help.

The Business Growth Grant marks the County’s first foray into addressing general business needs— offering up to $2,500 of matching funds for a one-time expense. That expense can be anything from property improvements, to equipment, to professional services. It even includes wish lists that home-based businesses might have, such as purchasing a new computer, tool or digital advertising.

  1. #5: Mentors and Money
  2. #6: Dollars for New Digs
  3. #7: Façade Facelifts or Total Teardowns
  4. #8: Networking Opportunities

Do you have a unique idea for a product or service, but aren’t sure how to get it off the ground? 

14 Ways We Show Love to Your BusinessTo support a healthy local entrepreneurial environment and encourage innovative new business development in York County, ETD partners with several entrepreneurial organizations, including START Peninsula and Launchpad Greater Williamsburg Business Incubator. These regional groups offer programs and services such as entrepreneurial training opportunities, identifying where to turn for startup funds, pitch competitions, discounted office space and experienced mentors to help entrepreneurs and inventors get started the right way.

  1. #9: Regular Updates & Tips
  2. #10: Community Connections
  3. #11: Creating Qualified Employees
  4. #12: Advocating for Business-Friendly Processes & Codes

ETD sends out an e-newsletter and a few short e-blasts each month, and makes regular social media posts, 

14 Ways We Show Love to Your Businessto keep our business community up to date on important news, programs and events. The best way to stay informed is to get connected! Subscribe to our email list and follow us on Facebook @YesYorkVA.

The County’s Public Affairs Office also offers digital Citizen News publications—both weekly and quarterly—to keep locals informed about all County programs and events. Check it out online and sign up for their email list as well.  

But we don’t just want you to hear from us… we want (and need) to hear from you, too! Each spring, ETD conducts a survey of local business owners, either home or commercial-based, to help us gauge the current business climate and identify any areas of concern that we can work to address. Help us help you by taking a few minutes to fill out this survey. All feedback is anonymous and is used to develop or improve business assistance efforts and programs that can benefit your business.

  1. #13: Giving Potential Customers a Peek
  2. #14: Timely Educational Events

Many people simply won’t take a chance on a new business without seeing it first. 

14 Ways We Show Love to Your Business(Don’t you often wonder what the inside of a business actually looks like before you trek all the way across town to visit?) Google offers a solution with their Street View for Business platform, which lets users explore inside your space.

ETD has a grant program to help defray the costs of having a new virtual tour created for your business. The Google Street View for Business Grant Program offers 50 percent matching grants, up to $500 per business, toward the cost of having panoramic photos of the interior of your business location taken by a Google Trusted Photographer and posted as an interactive tour on Google Maps. By having an interior virtual tour posted of your business, you can show off your digs, while also increasing your search engine rankings and gaining additional online exposure on the Google platform.